Olivia Love

In the late 90’s, Olivia Love was one of the most recognizable faces in TS erotica. She starred in 100’s of videos and made tons of website appearances in her career. After retiring, she returned 7 years later looking better than ever. Even after all those years, Olivia Love still has the same raw sex appeal that made her popular back then!  SEE MORE FROM OLIVIA LOVE !!!

Olivia Love Olivia Love

There are a few shemale stars out there who have made more adult movies than Olivia Love. She’s one of the most recognised TS models in the world, but left the industry for some years until recently, disillusioned that others had made hundreds of thousands from her work and she had seen little herself. Fans and admirers kept up the calls for Olivia to make a comeback, and finally she’s relented, coming back with a website this time under her own exclusive control. It’ll be the only place from now on for new Olivia Love content and will feature a diary, and shortly live access webcam access for fans. “My satisfaction will be based on making all my fans happy with getting to know me in a way never before possible,” Olivia says.  SEE MORE FROM OLIVIA LOVE !!!

Olivia Love Olivia Love

Olivia was born in Columbia, South Carolina and is of Irish and American Indian descent. Though not many people would realise it, Olivia is deaf … but she’s never allowed that to stand in the way of living life to the fullest. She went through high school in Washington, DC, and after graduation lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for eight years. It was when she moved to Los Angeles that Olivia Love the shemale star was born. She starred in countless movies and appeared on all top shemale websites, planning to use the money made for her Sexual Realignment Surgery. A decade later, and now living in Philadelphia, Olivia is still a pre-op transsexual, but continues to look toward SRS. Now past 30, Olivia, if anything, looks more stunning today than at the height of her XXX movie career. SEE MORE FROM OLIVIA LOVE !!!


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  1. robert Avatar

    Olivia you r so fucking hott. and u have big juicey wonderful cock

  2. martin Avatar

    Olivia, you are so beautiful and look so vulnerable sometimes i just want to take you in my arms and kiss and caress you and take care of you.

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