TS Jennica Zybach

Hi, I’m Jennica, and yes, I am really a transsexual. Yes, I have a cock. Why doesn’t anyone ever believe me? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull down my panties and show someone my 7 inch pee pee to get them to believe me. I know I’m very passable, but even on dates, after I tell a guy I might not be what he wants, he still thinks I’m putting him on. But finally when I do show him my stiff cock, he realizes that I’m exactly what he wants. Do you want me? Check out all of me.







4 responses to “TS Jennica Zybach”

  1. sean Avatar

    hey how does one get a date with you

  2. Aimory Avatar

    I would like a date with you as well

  3. would you date me? Avatar

    You are a verry actractive shemale.
    I’m interested in you for meeting.



  4. Brandon B Avatar
    Brandon B

    you are so gorgous………. like love at first site…
    How do I make you mine… (not like an ownership thing or anything…… id just like u in my life)


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