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  • Fanta – Fantastic

    Fanta enjoys a very good reputation amongst all the people we know that have “experienced” her. And that is why we had to get her back to the LBC studio to do another shoot. And SHOOT is exactly what she did with her big cannon!

  • Alize – Born to Model

    Another complete stunner from Pattaya, Alize drove up to Bangkok with her friend Tina and Panzer (thanks for setting up this model too P-dog!) and stayed a few nights at the LBC studio with us. We had a good time… and a day or 2 later actually got around to snapping some shots. As you…

  • Bam – Sexy and Slutty

    We ran into Bam the other day in the hallway of another LBC models apartment building. I always like to have models on LBC that are unique — and Bam definitely qualifies for that! She is TINY! Easily the most petite ladyboy at Nana. This first photoset of Bam is a nice one. She is…