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March 31, 2014

Shemale Hazel Tucker strips and strokes on Shemaleyum

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Shemale Hazel Tucker is horny today. Sexy Shemale Hazel contacted the site and then came out to L.A. for a little visit from – Connecticut or Massachusetts – somewhere where they don’t make porn or have a lot of sexy Shemales. I was immediately blown away. I went to pick her up at the airport and actually drove by her twice wishing that the hot genetic girl I saw was her. And it was!! Completely passable. Just look at that face. Very sexual and one of my favorite new muses. Teeny weeny but ohh what a delicious and inviting ass. Believe me. Lots more of her to come.This is my first meeting and shoot with Shemale Hazel Tucker. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was when I first laid my eyes on her out at the coffee shop. I had to meet her. You can see on the video she’s very relaxed and into the idea of shooting for me. It was really just supposed to be an audition but it tuned into a whole lot more. When she shows up at my place I figured I’d give Christian a call so he could take a peek this gorgeous newbie. One thing lead to another and my little Tranny Adult try-out turned into one of the hottest scenes I’d ever shot!! A star is born. I love this girl. Click here to see the Full Gallery of Shemale Hazel Tucker stripping and stroking on Shemaleyum !

Shemale Hazel Tucker strips and strokes on Shemaleyum

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