Pounded Cheerleader

Pounded Cheerleader Objectification! I dress the bitch up in a green cheerleader’s outfit. I am very sexy in my latex, high heels, and shimmering stockings. The bitch is not. (Are you this bitch?) Lust after my luscious ass and strong muscular legs, slave! The bitch is positioned in upside down suspension for bizarre electrical insertions. First, I do her makeup. She needs some serious help! I discover that she has not shaved properly so I rip the hair from her groin and ass. How pathetic! A fingering is in order here! The first electrical plug goes in, while I chastise her about the tiny size of her clitty. It’s the smallest dicky doo I have ever seen! It’s the itty bitty clitty committee! Next, I decide to give her a GOOD HARD WHIPPING. I am very skillful, administering an intense brush burn. Next, I place the slut in a humiliating position with her arms and legs off the ground, hanging like a side of beef in midair. Watch me put on my strap on harness. It’s so sexy. Watch me go to town on this bitch. Don’t you wish that this was you?

Studio: MIB Productions
Starring:Irene Boss
Mistress Samantha


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