Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass

If you don’t want your asshole to be a pussy, then step away now. Gia Darling is training these guy’s assholes to behave the way a real man should. This is probably your ultimate gonzo fantasy; two girls trying up your cock, putting restraints on you, and fucking you deep in the ass. This sex is out-of-control and that’s exactly what Gia Darling is going for. If you’re into things that are fucking extreme, then this one is sure to do the trick to satisfy all of your intense needs.
Studio: Third World Media
Gia Darling
Director: Gia Darling
Starring:Gia Darling
Mistress Gemini
Mistress Nicolette
Orion Cross
Luke Cross
Mz. Berlin
Enrique Currero
Julian Fornatora
Ms. J
Mistress Jeannine


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