Devon Delirium

“Hi I’m DevonDELIRIUM and I’m from New Jersey but I have lived in many different places including Cali, Texas & Florida. I’m a freelance cosmetologist & web cam model. I’m 19 years old, 5′10” and I weigh 130lbs and I have an A-cup. For the most part I like really chill music like Amy Winehouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death In Vegas, Perfume Tree. I’m also totally into the local music scene. I’ve only had sex a few times, but from what i can tell I am a bottom. I like being dominated and having rough sex. Things that turn me on include tall guys (yum), piercings, tattoos, vampires & blood, foreskin, ethic men, middle eastern men in particular, and of course guys that are romantic.”

Devon Delirium

DevonDELIRIUM was very laid back and we spent hours just talking and listening to music. Despite her spending copious amounts of time in front of her webcam performing for clients she was still rather nervous when it came down to business. She did start to loosen up, and was anxious to make sure she was delivering the eye-candy she knows the admirers would want. I think we can look forward to seeing more of her in the future as she mentioned she enjoyed playing around with the dildo and wanting to do a hardcore on camera.


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