Amy – Toilet Tart

Sexy Amy just passed you a note 2 minutes ago.

“I want to suck your cock. Meet me in the bathroom in 2 minutes. I want your cum.”

Amy sneaks away to toilet. When you enter the bathroom, you see it’s empty, except for the last stall. The door is slightly open, and you see Amy, sitting on the toilet stroking her cute Ladyboy cock. Without saying a word, Amy motions you to come forward and immediately unzips your pants.

Taking your entire shaft to the base, Amy expertly deep throats the fat cock. With the cock firmly in the back of her throat, Amy tickles the balls with her wet pink tongue. Amy takes her free hand to massage your butthole, while worshiping your cock with her soft lips. Amy furiously pumps the shaft until creamy cum shoots down her Ladyboy throat!
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