Anger Therapy

October 6, 2010

TS Jesse fucks a Guys ass on Shemale Pornstar

TS Jesse fucks a Guys ass on Shemale Pornstar TS Jesse fucks a Guys ass on Shemale Pornstar

Today here at my Shemale Blog i have some free Pictures of Blonde TS Jesse fucking a Guys Ass on Shemale Pornstar . Jesse walks into her clinic to visit with her next therapy client John Magnum who is coming for his court ordered Anger Management therapy. Jesse learns that John is angry and frustrated because his girlfriend wont give him anal sex. Jesse decides that some DEEP therapy may help him and agrees to give him anal sex . . .just not the way he is expecting it. Watch what happens as Therapist Jesse tries to help John work through his anger issues. Take the free Tour on Shemale Pornstar now

TS Jesse fucks a Guys ass on Shemale Pornstar TS Jesse fucks a Guys ass on Shemale Pornstar

This is what Shemale Pornstar writes about TS Jesse : You must have been wondering how we could have a Shemale “Pornstar” site without one of the most popular shemale pornstars of the last few years, Jesse. Well we’ve partly been saving her for inclusion this month as we knew we had a lot of “Up & Cummers” around but also, she’s so busy working on so many projects, as well as her own site, that it was almost impossible to tie her down! PK Vegas, grabbed her for an afternoon when she was through his town. Is it worth me telling you about Jesse, or does everyone already know what a star and great performer she is? Hmmm, indulge me. Jesse first appeared on Shemale Yum in a Tony Vee shoot when he was visiting Los Angeles, in 2006. He got her in for a couple of solos and a hardcore with Christian, which I think was her first hardcore. Since then she’s appeared multiple times on that site. Frank, also worked with Jesse, shortly after Tony and she first appeared on this site Franks Tgirlworld in summer 2006. They’ve done a number of fantastic shoots together and is one of the models to have appeared more than most, on this site (more than once a year!). Just some fantastic content. We were also lucky enough to get Jesse to do some scenes for our domination site and you can see those (and download the free video clips) in these two shemale domination scenes where she tops the guy with her trademark sexual aggressiveness. TS Jesse was the first solo site rolled out by SMC and has been the main place to see her. Please support the girls running their own site, I know that many of them, like Jesse, really put a lot of work into it. I’ve met Jesse a few times and what is surprising, is that she’s actually quite shy and reserved. She’s not really into partying and prefers the quieter life. She is however, very cool and lovely to spend time with … and once in the studio, the consumate professional, able to act and react in a scene, which is one reason why she does get requests to appear in some many sites and scenes. She’s had a number of AVN nominations and deserves a win more than most of the winners but it’s alluded her for now. Her role in the (also overlooked) “Hazel Does Hollywood” was one of the best scenes, I’ve ever seen. Let us know in the forum, any scenes you’d like to see of Jesse on this site!

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